Saturday 21 August 2010

Torrent2Exe - Download torrent without torrent client

Torrent2exe is a small BitTorrent client. Its basic idea is to let users download a custom-built EXE program with the torrent file integrated into it. It is a free online service that allows you to convert a torrent into a stand-alone exe and download the torrent by running that executable file.

This online service can be useful to all the regular users as well for special uses such as bypassing torrent block in some cases. I came across this service when I was searching for the online torrent download services to use in my company where I am not allowed to use/install any other torrent clients.

This service can be used to publish our torrents in the blogs and sites as well as to add extra functionality in the torrent-related sites.

In order to use this tool, we need to enter the torrent metafile URL or upload the torrent file from our PC and we will be able to download a small executable which we can run to download the file. The executable downloads the file and we need to run the program for few hours for the seeding purposes in order to prevent ban from the service.

Currently, offers two versions, the first stable version and 2nd beta version of the service.
Click HERE to go to the homepage
Click HERE to go to the Torrent2Exe Beta
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