Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Few Online Docx to Doc conversion

With the release of the Microsoft Office 2007, the new XML formats were implemented for the office documents and the new file extensions with the added letter x were created, such as .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, etc. But, this new file format creates problem when the older versions of Microsoft Office are widely in use as the file formats such as .docx can't be opened by the older versions.

And, today I had the same problem when I had received the proposal sample of .docx format and had to open in my microsoft word 2003. Then, I started searching for the online conversion tools for converting .docx to .doc
While searching, I found some working websites for the conversion.

www.zamzar.com: This site offers you the conversion of various file formats including .docx to .doc. The service worked perfectly for me... Check the service at www.zamzar.com

Docx2Doc: This free web service allows you to convert Docx file format into Doc file by uploading your docx file and lets you download the converted doc file. Check the service at www.docx2doc.com

http://docx-converter.com/: This service also allows you to convert .docx file format to .doc. Check it at docx-converter.com

If you happen to know any other such online converters, be sure to comment. I'll add them here.