Tuesday, 21 September 2010

GPRS/WAP Setting for Ncell

NCELL, the second biggest telecommunication company in Nepal is providing GPRS, EDGE and WAP services so that it users can surf the net easily using their capable handsets. This post is about how to activate and make setting of GPRS for NCELL provider.

By default, all the NCELL users have GPRS activated(that's what NCELL says). In case, your handset doesn't have the GPRS data transfer service activated, do one of the following:
1) Type A in message box and send the SMS to 900224. (note that you can type R and send the SMS to same number to deactivate the GPRS service.)

2) Dial *100# and follow the instructions

In order to get settings for your phone, type ALL and send SMS to 9595. Save the settings.

General settings for NCELL:
Access point name(APN): web
IP/Proxy IP:
Port: 9201 (For WAP1)/ 8080 (For HTTP or WAP2)