Wednesday 15 September 2010

Nepali Hack Challenge Site

I had to develop a reversing challenge site for KU IT Meet 2010 organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club in IT Park, Panauti Road. The challenge was done by few great hackers from Nepal like fr3ak, dpac_, etc. and they finished around 90% of the challenges. But other users were far behind in the challenge so now I want to make this challenge open for everyone.

If you want to participate in the Reversing challenge, you can visit The site is pretty basic in its interface and design as it had to be done very quickly. But still this site might prove useful for some of you to learn hacking as the challenges in the site will guide you to read the related hacking and security articles by searching on your own on google. So I hope you will have fun doing these challenges.

Click to visit the site

If you need any sort of help regarding the challenges, you can always contact me. Best of luck for the challenges.