Sunday 3 October 2010

Download the full website [Complete Offline Mirroring]

This post will show you how to download the full website and have the complete offline mirror of any website you want.


wget is the Linux terminal command that can be used as a not-interactive network retriever. This tool can be used to download the full website using the switch -r for recursive download.
The command for the complete mirroring is as belows:

wget -r -p


wget -mr

If you want to mirror without following to the other sites link, you can enter the command as:

wget -mrnp

If you are on windows, you can use wget for windows from HERE

Using other tools

There are several tools available for making the offline copies of any website.
One of them is HTTrack website copier which is licensed under GPL. You can download this software from HERE

Another such tool is BlackWidow which can be used to scan a site and create a complete profile of the site’s structure, files, external links and even link errors. BlackWidow will download all file types such as pictures and images, audio and MP3, videos, documents, ZIP, programs, CSS, Macromedia Flash, .pdf , PHP, CGI, HTM to MIME types from any web sites. You can download this software from HERE

Have fun.. :)