Saturday 9 October 2010

Get Matrix like Text Effect for Website Headers with

If you want the image with matrix like text effect for your blog or any other site/profile, you can now get it online.

Just type the text you want to appear in the image and choose from the various available options and on one single click, you will get image with the matrix text effect containing text you inputted.

What the official site says:

Matrix Text for websites and myspace. Create the matrix text effect or any text effect using the real matrix text characters. Generate free matrix text for MySpace or any other website and enchance your MySpace matrix layout. Our matrix text maker will provide matrix text HTML for free and it's fun to use. Our matrix text generator codes are used for everything. We take pride in our matrix text graphics! Say Happy Birthday with a Matrix Text! Quickly create personalized matrix text pictures to use anywhere.

Matrix Text Effect for Tech Gaun

Visit the site

They say they give HTML but you can directly save the image. Choose among the animation speed, color, font, etc. and get the Matrix Text effect as you need. Have fun. :)