Saturday 2 October 2010

Removing the unwanted programs from startup

Many programs such as messengers and other utilities stick up to the startup. Because of the increase in the number of startup items in your system, the startup process might become slower gradually. Also, sometimes unnecessary programs and even virii and worms might be in the startup so it can come handy when you need to speed up your system.

There are different locations from where a program can run at startup. You can refer to my previous post HERE for the startup related information.

All the startup items entries is made on the microsoft configuration utility called msconfig which can be accessed by running the msconfig command through run box. Switch to the startup tab in the msconfig utility window which lists all the programs and shortcuts that run at the startup in the background.

From here, you can remove the unnecessary programs and virus/worms startup by unchecking them. Just be careful to work correctly and note that many virus/worms have the filename similar to that of the windows system files so you'll have to be careful while editing the startup from here.

Have fun. :)