Friday 24 December 2010

Browsing the restricted forums without registering

Well it has worked for me and I am posting how you can browse the restricted forums by misusing the SEO things(I guess). A website traffic hugely depends upon the google search and hence most of the websites allow the google bot to crawl and index their pages for appearing in the search result. Now the google bot useragent is allowed to crawl any restricted forum and hence they can index those pages.

The requirement is the useragent switcher add-on for firefox which can be downloaded from HERE. Install this addon and restart it.

Now in the firefox menu, under tools, you will see a new option Default User Agent from where you can choose different user agents and add new user agents. Among the available user agents, you will find the Google Bot 2.1 useragent under the Search Robots option. Choose the Google Bot 2.1 as your default user agent and now start visiting the forums that were asking you to register. It will also work on other types of websites which usually require login. I hope this helps you. Thanks :)