Friday, 1 April 2011

We'll always miss you Narendra

On March 30, one of our beloved friends Narendra Bist(2046/12/15 B.S.-2067/12/16 B.S.) had to lose his life just one day after his birthday celebration and we all the classmates are in deep shock and we can't still believe that the accident happened. I still think he's still watching movies in his room as he always does.

Well, please do not take this as april 1 post, it is just the co-incidence

Narendra Bist was one of our close friends and my neighbor in the hostel and we always used to have little chit chats everyday and its been so hard for me to believe that he has passed away. He was too young to die and I can't understand why the f**king god takes good people away from us. Now I feel that there must be one chance for anyone who dies so that he/she can return again.

He was pulled by the water stream while swimming and he could not swim out from the evil water stream in Indrawati river at Dolalghat. But, the ultimate reason for his death is Kathmandu University administration as KU admin was acting so lame. We continuously had 1 month long strike in the university and KU admin didn't show any responsibility in opening the university. The students had to find some way of time-pass and our friend lost his life because of this.

There's nothing we can do now. We just keep on thinking "if we could do". Only thing we can do is take lesson from this accident.

Few photos of our beloved Narendra Bist(You will see he is too young and innocent to die this young):

My all time favorite "Too much love will kill you" by Queen:

We'll always miss you Narendra. With love.
C.E. 09