Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Enable Network Play Without Lag/Freezes In Counter Strike [How To]

Recently I had posted about how to have counter strike 1.6 run under linux but today when I was just testing to see how well the network play works, I found that the game freezes after connecting to the CT server. I searched on google and found a perfect solution for it.

I've tested this on the installation of Counter Strike : Condition Zero but should also work in Counter Strike 1.6.

The motd.txt file in the cstrike and czero can not be rendered properly by WINE so the game freezes. To solve this problem, we remove the motd.txt file and then, we create a new read only file with the name motd_temp.html which should be empty and there should be no problem rendering this new file as its just an empty file.

If there already exists the motd_temp.html in those directories, be sure to delete them and create a new empty file. To change the permission to read only, you can use the chmod command as below:

chmod +r-wx motd_temp.html

Now, you can play the counter strike in lan or with any server without any lag or freezes. Happy gaming. :)