Tuesday, 12 April 2011

How to add Alt key support in Photoshop Under Ubuntu

If you are using wine to run photoshop under your linux distribution, you might have come across this unfriendly problem of Alt key not working in photoshop. Alt key combination is very useful in photoshop as the shortcut to different tasks such as subtraction from selection and other tools and you might want to see this alt key working as per your wish.

The fix is pretty simple. By default, the window movement key is set to Alt because of which you can't use Alt key as you wish. But we can change this setting by going to System->Preferences->Windows. Under the Movement key, select the Super(i.e. windows logo) as the default movement key and now you can use the Alt key normally in photoshop. I've tested this in CS2 under ubuntu 10.10 but I guess it would work with any other versions as well.

I hope this helps some of you. :)