Monday, 12 September 2011

Simple Movie Searching Trick with Google

While this post is not anything other than just another simple google dork for advanced google users, it still will help a lot of net beginners to search movies using google.

The trick for searching movies is just another usage of directory browsing feature in many webservers. So our text would be something like below:

"index of /" "parent directory" "movie name"

Just replace the movie name with the name of your movie and you are good to go. Moreover, you can customize this dork to include extensions(such as .avi, .mkv). Just be creative and you'll find most of the movies to download just by using google. And for download, I use axel or sometimes FatRat under linux.

For example, check the first result in the following dork for sniper movie. Yeah it is simple and really works.

"index of /" "parent directory" inurl:movies "sniper" ".avi"