Sunday 27 May 2012

Useful AMXMODX Plugins For Counter strike Server

If you are setting up some counter strike 1.6 server, you are most likely going to have AMX MOD X plugin(which is a metamod plugin) for your server. AMX MOD X is a very useful plugin not just for the server administration but also for customized gameplay, statistics and fun stuffs. The basic plugins are already there in the AMX MOD X installation but in this post, I'm sharing some of the useful AMX MOD X plugins you can download and put in your server.

Advanced ResetScore
A simple but usefull plugin: players can reset their score and money (controled by a cvar). There's a limit for score reseting and an interval between resets. Players can't reset their score if it's 0 - 0 (already reseted). Admins have a command to reset players score.

Record Demo ClanMod Style
This plugins lets you record the demo and take screenshots of your score. Its an useful plugin to have.

Headshot Only Mode
The name of the plugin is self-explanatory. Pretty useful for practising aim in your server.

Show IP of Players
This plugin enables an admin to find out a player's ip by typing in amx_ip . The ip prints in the console.

This plugin shows player speed when your are moving, jumping, climbing a ladder, or in air. Useful for knowing if you are doing bunnyhop right or not :D

[AIOS] (All In One Slap/Slay)
A fun to use plugin with different features for slapping/slaying the players in-game. AIOS is an all in one slap/slap plugin that will meet ALL of you Slap/Slay needs.

Sniper Control
Useful plugin to limit the number of mags per team. It is useful for the pub servers; kind of punishment for AWP campers :D

Counter Strike Death Match(CSDM) is a useful amxmodx plugin that adds deathmatch style gameplay to Counter-Strike 1.6.

Aimbot Detection
Think someone in your server is using aimbots to make amazing frags? This plugin can help you find such culprits :)

These were few of the plugins that I've been using in my newly created counter strike server and so far, I've been loving them. I am positive that there are more other useful plugins so throw them as a comment over here. Enjoy fragging :)