Friday 15 June 2012

NCell Introduces Ncell Sapati For Credit Based Recharge

Everytime ncell introduces a new service, it understands what its customer are looking for. Sometimes Recharging your phone becomes imposslible due to outreach of shop , sometime it may be late night or too early , reaching for the card sounds tough. But now ncell has extended it service by introducing Ncell sapati.

To get Ncell sapati of Rs. 20 as main balance, you will have to dial *9988#. You will be charged an extra amount of Rs. 2(Exclusive of VAT and additional taxes) while using this service.

More information is available through IVR by dialing 9980 or play the audio below to hear the full instruction.

This service will come handy lots of time to lots of customers so I welcome this service introduced by Ncell. :)