Friday, 8 June 2012

Now NTC Hosts Ubuntu Repository For Nepal

As most of the ubuntu users know that the previous nepali repository hosted by Mitra Network Pvt. Ltd. had lots of problem in packages and later went down for a long time. This time, it is NTC who has taken a good initiative and has started providing local ubuntu repository for us.

As seen on foss nepal's mailing list, everybody seems to be happy with the effort of NTC to promote linux and open source software tools in Nepal.

The is now resolving to now. You can edit your sources.list and choose the nepali repository now. :)

Also, lots of ubuntu distros are available for download. See THIS. Now I can download ubuntu ISO's in around one or two minutes(Thanks NPIX for keeping local traffic local)

In case anyone wants my copy of sources.list file, here it is: sources.list or get it from HERE in case you hate registering on 4shared.

Once you copy the sources.list to /etc/apt/sources.list, make sure to run sudo apt-get update to update the package database.