Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Inj3ct0r Team Hacked ExploitHub, Stole Private Exploits Worth $242333

Inj3ct0r team, which provides the ultimate database of exploits and vulnerabilities and serves as a great resource for vulnerability researchers and security professionals, has hacked ExploitHub.com, the site similar to inj3ct0r and stolen several private exploits worth $242333.

In the post from inj3ct0r team, they have provided the details for motivation of hack and the process of hack. At the time of writing this, ExploitHub.com seems to be down.

The post gives the process to accomplish the hack as below: I am very much surprised when he learned of Magento eCommerce Software and search /install/ 1) We scan server and site 2) We reinstall Magento CMS https://www.exploithub.com/install/ <= We reinstall Magento CMS 3) Upload shell and phpinfo https://www.exploithub.com/phpinfo.php 4) Back all files and database. 5) Upload piece of the database https://www.exploithub.com/export/ 6) Increased privileges