Tuesday 19 March 2013

How To View Your Gmail Access History Details

I do this thing on a regular basis to know if my account got compromised or not. Well I understand the risks imposed by logging in to my gmail account but still due to several circumstances, I have to login from public PCs. Though I employ some other techniques to trick possible keyloggers/RATs, etc. I do keep running from the dangers of account hijack and hence keep on regularly checking the account history details in gmail.

In order to access the gmail history log details, you need to scroll down to the right bottom of your gmail inbox where you will notice the option to view the detail of your account which looks like below:

Moreover, it seems like that the details now include the user agents and/or access type information along with the IP address and time of access to the gmail account.

If you're concerned about unauthorized access to your mail, you'll be able to use the data in the 'Access type' column to find out if and when someone accessed your mail. For instance, if the column shows any POP access, but you don't use POP to collect your mail, it may be a sign that your account has been compromised.

For more information, refer to this page.

Moreover, this feature lets you log out all of your sessions other than the current session. This can come quite handy whenever you have forgotten to sign out or someone else is having an unauthorized access to your account.