Thursday, 7 March 2013

Make An Encrypted Call On Android Using RedPhone

If you are quite worried about your privacy while making voice calls on your phone, RedPhone is a perfect tool to install in your android phone. RedPhone ensures that the eavesdropping attackers can not sniff your call by providing end-to-end encryption.

RedPhone is an open source communication encryption android software that well-integrates with the system dialer and lets you use the default system dialer and contacts apps to make calls as you normally would. The tool is written by Maxie Morlinspike, the same guy who wrote a famous tool called SSLStrip for performing HTTPS stripping attacks.

Install RedPhone

It is an open source tool licensed under GPL v3; the github README says, RedPhone is an application that enables encrypted voice communication between RedPhone users. RedPhone integrates with the system dialer to provide a frictionless call experience, but uses ZRTP to setup an encrypted VoIP channel for the actual call. RedPhone was designed specifically for mobile devices, using audio codecs and buffer algorithms tuned to the characteristics of mobile networks, and using push notifications to maximally preserve your device's battery life while still remaining responsive.

If you wish to understand more on Encryption protocol, you should refer to the WIKI.

Install RedPhone