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About the blog
Techgaun means Tech + Gaun and the meaning of Gaun in nepali language is Village. So techgaun is like a village for tech-loving people where you might not find everything but you'll surely find something interesting and useful.

About the authors of this blog

Samar Dhwoj Acharya
I am Samar Dhwoj Acharya, a computer engineering undergraduate and a tech enthusiast. I am highly interested in the technology stuffs esp. in softwares and security aspects. As of now, I am working for a new startup and doing lots of freelancing in the meantime.

Brisha Pote
A computer engineering student interested in photography and other creative stuffs.

We are happy to have three new guys in our team as author. We hope they will actively post on the blog.

Saurya Dhwoj Acharya

Abhiyan Thapa