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Wednesday 23 November 2011

Setting A Sticky Post In Blogger [Keep a Post Always In Top]

I wanted to set my giveaway post always at the top of post even if I posted new posts so this is just little trick that might be useful for many people out there. Since blogger arranges the blog posts in the reverse chronological order (descending order of date and time), we apply a little trick to set our post always at the top just like the sticky post.

The trick is to set the date and time of the post to some date that is far away in the future. For example, you could keep the date of your post to 2020 A.D. thus that post will always be at top since blogger shows the post in the reverse chronological order. Now to do this, while you are composing your post or editing your post, click on Post Options to expand it and then in the Post date and time, select the Scheduled at and then enter some future date. Now just publish your post and this particular post will always be in the top of your blog homepage. I hope it helps you. :)