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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Customizing Jenkins Layout

We use jenkins as our continuous integration server at our workplace and without any doubt, its the best CI tool I've used. We had been thinking of customizing jenkins layout to fit our company and thanks to the plugins developed by people who make jenkins not just another random tool on the internet, but the software WITH awesome community. There are particularly two plugins that seemed to fit our scenario. The first one is Simple Theme Plugin and the second one is Page Markup Plugin.

The later one does allow to add markups to the page but didn't best fit for our scenario. So we decided to use the Simple Theme Plugin. Installing the plugin is straightforward in jenkins. Once the Simple Theme Plugin is installed, a new content box will appear in your Manage Jenkins -> Configure System which will look something like below:

This plugin requires you to specify your own custom .css and .js file. The good thing about jenkins is you can place your own content at the JENKINS_INSTALL_DIR/userContent/ directory and then access it via http://yourbuildserver.tld/jenkins_path/userConent/yourfile.ext. I was working on the windows system where my jenkins install was at C:\.jenkins\ and hence I placed my CSS and image files inside the userContent directory of jenkins install folder. This should not be very difficult on any other systems if you are familiar with jenkins and your OS.

You can grab the jenkins css files from the webapp root directory (I was using tomcat so I grabbed it from inside there) and then edit the css as per your necessity. In my case, I had to change the header style only so my CSS looked something like below:

#top-panel {
  background-size:100% 100%;
  height: 43px;
#top-panel td#login-field span a {
    background: none; }
#top-panel a {
    background: url("title.png") 0 0 no-repeat;
    display: block;
    width: 107px;
    height: 27px;
    margin: 10px 0 -5px 0px; }
#top-panel td > a img {
      display: none; }

This is all you have to do. Btw, don't fall for the readme.txt inside userContent directory which says: "Files in this directory will be served under your http://server/jenkins/userContent/". Make sure you specify the URL according to your server configuration not according to this specification thus appending "/jenkins" in your URL.