Friday, 9 March 2012

Being Away and Back In All IRC Chans At Once [XChat Tip]

Hi everybody, one friend of mine asked me today if he could mark himself as away at once in all the open servers and he was using the XChat IRC client in mint and I quickly remembered the allserv and allchanl commands. So here I am sharing the quick tip on how you can mark yourself away in all the open IRC channels at once in XChat IRC client.

XChat provides two commands allserv and allchanl that can be used to run any specified command for all the open IRC servers and IRC channels of currently selected server respectively. The syntax is very simple as below:

/allserv <cmd>

The first command i.e. allserv allows to run any IRC command in all servers you have open currently. So if you want to mark yourself away, all you have to use is away command in conjunction with allserv command(fyi, away syntax is /away Reason for being away), type the command as below:

/allserv away Brb Breakfast time

Once you come back and do not need to be marked as away in all servers, enter the command as below:

/allserv back

The above allserv example is for marking you as away for all the servers. What if you want to mark yourself as away in all the channels of currently selected server? Don't worry, xchat offers allchanl for this very purpose. See the examples below using this command.

Set yourself away:

/allchanl away Brb Breakfast time

Set yourself no longer away:

/allchanl back

I hope these information help you. :)