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Wednesday 9 November 2011

How To Crack Emesene Messenger Passwords Easily

Emesene is a lightweight messenger for MSN users. Now that Emesene stores the passwords for emails in users.dat file with very simple ASCII to Hex encryption, it is very easy to reverse it to get the passwords.

The users.dat file is located in /home/current_user/.config/emesene1.0/users.dat and you can view the content of this file by issuing the command as below:

cat ~/.config/emesene1.0/users.dat

The format in which the login information is saved is email:hex_encrypted_password:status which is later read by emesene in next launch. Now to get the original password, all you have to do is decrypt the hex string using the encrypter/decrypter tool.

Copy the hex encoded part(i.e. password part) from the users.dat file. Mine users.dat file was where 74657374696e67 is the password in the hex form. All I have to do is open the encrypter/decrypter tool, paste this hex string in the input box, select the Hex decoding optioni from dropdown list and then click on Submit to get the actual password to my account.