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Tuesday 18 June 2013

Setting Installation Of Android Application To SD Card

Well this is old stuff and several applications with much more functionalities are probably out in the play store but just decided to post it here because it proved useful while playing with older android OS.

Follow the steps below to enable installation of new softwares to the SD card on the android phones by default (Tested on android 2.2).
  • Enable USB debugging on phone (from somewhere in Settings->About Phone)
  • Connect device with PC using USB cable
  • Open command prompt/terminal
  • Open android debugger bridge (change directory to the location where android sdk is installed)
  • Type: adb.exe devices
  • Type: adb.exe shell
  • On the new console, type: set pmInstallLocation 2
    Here, 2 means External memory

Note: "get pmInstallLocation" can be used to query for the available locations you can install softwares to.

That's all. Hope it helps :)


Thursday 7 March 2013

Make An Encrypted Call On Android Using RedPhone

If you are quite worried about your privacy while making voice calls on your phone, RedPhone is a perfect tool to install in your android phone. RedPhone ensures that the eavesdropping attackers can not sniff your call by providing end-to-end encryption.

RedPhone is an open source communication encryption android software that well-integrates with the system dialer and lets you use the default system dialer and contacts apps to make calls as you normally would. The tool is written by Maxie Morlinspike, the same guy who wrote a famous tool called SSLStrip for performing HTTPS stripping attacks.

Install RedPhone

It is an open source tool licensed under GPL v3; the github README says, RedPhone is an application that enables encrypted voice communication between RedPhone users. RedPhone integrates with the system dialer to provide a frictionless call experience, but uses ZRTP to setup an encrypted VoIP channel for the actual call. RedPhone was designed specifically for mobile devices, using audio codecs and buffer algorithms tuned to the characteristics of mobile networks, and using push notifications to maximally preserve your device's battery life while still remaining responsive.

If you wish to understand more on Encryption protocol, you should refer to the WIKI.

Install RedPhone


Friday 17 August 2012

Bypass Android Pattern Lock In Easy Steps

Android devices has this security feature known as pattern lock which prevents the access of other people in your device. One of the senior members at XDA has revealed a way to bypass this pattern lock feature completely.

There have been several attempts on finding different methods for bypassing pattern unlocking in the android devices. Early methods were tracking the smudges on the screen and guessing since human are more likely to use the patterns they have already seen.

This method, posted in XDA developers forum by m.sabra, requires the USB debugging to be enabled in the android device and then you can use ADB (Android Debug Bridge), a part of Android SDK to easily bypass the pattern unlock with few lines of commands. The user has revealed two methods for bypassing this, the first one involves running few SQLite queries and the second one requires deleting the associated key.

You will need to download the Android SDK in order to continue with this hack.

Method 1:

adb shell
cd /data/data/
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';


Method 2:

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

You can either choose one of the methods or perform both of the methods (method 1 first and method 2 second). Be sure to reboot once you perform any of the above mentioned methods.

Users have said that this method is not working on the latest Android Jelly Bean and other custom ROMs such as Cyanogen Mod. But, earlier android versions are vulnerable to this hack.

Even if the USB debugging is disabled, you can still run these methods if custom recovery was installed in the android device. You will have to mount the working partition. Just go to 'Mounts and Storage' and mount /data. Then you can follow the above methods to bypass the lock.


Wednesday 2 November 2011

Reversing Android Applications With ARE

A new platform ARE has been developed for making android reverse engineering easy and fast. With many necessary tools packaged in a single tool, ARE is a Virtual Machine for Android Reverse Engineering.

You just need to load the new virtual machine with virtualbox and you are ready for android reverse engineering.

The softwares present in ARE are:
Android sdk/ndk

Both the login username and password for ARE is android

Download ARE

More mirrors:

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Good luck with android reversing.