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Saturday 15 September 2012

Things To Do On The Ocassion Of Software Freedom Day

If you are FOSS enthusiast then you are possibly seeking for some ideas to celebrate Software Freedom Day in different way. I have come up with some ideas I could think of doing on the ocassion of software freedom day today.

Software Freedom Day (SFD) is annually celebrated on the third saturday of September with the aim of increasing awareness of Free Software and its virtues, and encouraging its use. SFD was first observed in 28th of August back in 2004 and since 2006, it is observed on the 3rd saturday of september. Software Freedom International acts as the central legal body for organizing software freedom day and each local team is responsible for organizing the local chapters of Software Freedom Day.

Software Freedom Day is not just about attending an event that is organized locally in your area. Rather, you can do anything that hits your mind to celebrate software freedom day. Below are some of the ideas in my mind.

  • Attend local SFD events
  • You can attend the local SFD events being organized today. You can find the local events through SFD 2012 events map. Locate the nearby event and attend it. Maybe you will find someone to discuss with :)

  • Listen to the SFD and other FOSS songs
  • Download the SFD song or FSF song on your favorite music gadget and listen to them the whole day. You can also listen the musics at

  • Listen to the free audio and video speeches from FSF and GNU
  • You can listen to several audio and video speeches related to the free software foundation and GNU movements which are available at Quite a good way to pass the time while getting to know about FSF, GNU and related events.

  • Watch some open source movies and documentaries
  • You can download and watch the open-source or free-content films for time pass. You can also watch the movies and documentaries. Some of them are Revolution OS, Freedom Fry, The Codebreakers, Code Rush, Still This 1, Still This 2, The Code, Arduino documentary and few others you can find on net. If you got any suggestions, do drop them as comments.

  • Run an install fest anywhere possible
  • You could run the installation fest and help your friends and relatives install different linux distros. It can be anywhere. I mean anywhere. You can do it in your own home, in your school, and in your office. After all, its fun to motivate your friends and relatives to use open source softwares if they are not already using them. Literate the people who are around you. Believe me its fun.

  • Try finding bug on some open source softwares
  • Grab some open source softwares; it can be desktop app or web app. Try finding bugs or errors in them and report them. You have just helped to improve one of the open source softwares and your contribution will be counted for sure :). If you are geek enough, try finding some critical bugs and vulnerabilities. It can be kind of tough and challenging task but its always fun to do so.

  • Do some blogging about software freedom and free and open source softwares
  • If you got your own blog or website, make some entries related to software freedom. You could include the event you just visited or you could discuss about the free and open source softwares available in the market. If you don't have blog already, start today. Its a good day itself to start blogging on open source softwares.

  • Write some code snippets and useful little softwares
  • If you are a good programmer, why not write and distribute the small software projects by today itself. You could do small stuffs like command line file transfer app, nepali calendar or anything you can think of. Try to develop some local software that will be useful for you and your community.

  • Join any beginner IRC channel and help the beginners
  • Search for some IRC channels in freenode or other networks and try helping the beginners. You can preferably choose the IRC channels related to linux, programming, hacking, and open source softwares and then dedicate some hours of your day to help other people.

  • Donate some amount to your favorite open source softwares
  • Got some bucks to spare? Why not donate some amount to your favorite open source software. This can be very motivating to the developers of open source softwares.

Any other idea that hits your mind? Share as the comment :)

And at last, happy software freedom day to all the freedom lovers :)