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Monday 5 March 2012

NTC Now Offering Bill Payments From MPoS & Pre-paid Recharge Cards

The leading telecommunication company Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited commonly known as Nepal Telecom is now offering its customer the ability to pay the bills for post-paid, land-line telephone and ADSL services by using its pre-paid recharge card or MPoS. Now the nepal telecom users can make use of MPoS(Mobile Point of Solution) system to clear their bills. Thus there will be no more need of waiting for your turn in the telecom counters and no need to face the sluggish and irritating telecom workers :D(happened to me in Banepa) for clearing the bills for these common telecom services.

Nepal telecom allows its customers to use both namaste pre-paid recharge card and MPoS technology to pay the bills of GSM post-paid, PSTN(landline) and ADSL services. With these methods, you can pay from Rs. 100 to at most Rs. 1000 at once as per your necessity.

Follow one of the below stated methods to pay your bills:

From IVR(Interactive Voice Response): Dial 1413 and follow the instructions for bill payments.

From USSD i.e. pre-paid recharge card: Buy the amount of recharge chard of your choice/necessity and dial *411*Pin No.*10# from your GSM post-paid mobile.

From MPoS Technology: Go to your Nearest MPoS retailer and get the payment done by providing your GSM post-paid mobile number, PSTN number or corresponding ADSL number. For the list of MPoS retailer, visit this link.

Also, you can verify your payments and it is recommended you check the payment status before and after doing the payment. Following are the procedures for verifying your payment:

GSM post-paid: Send new message to 1400 by typing cb.
PSTN: Dial 1606 and get your payment information from IVR.
ADSL (Unlimited and Volume Based Service): You can view your payment details by going to Open the above URL to access online Customer Care Interface and login to the system with your login details.

I hope this post counts useful for you. :)