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Monday 21 March 2011

Netpoint Protocol installation and setup[How To]

Recently, I and my friends had to implement netpoint protocol to setup the server/client eLibrary environment in one of the schools in Nepal. In this post, I will list the steps to follow while setting up such terminals. By the way, the terminals we used were Sunde terminals. This is pretty short tutorial without going into details because I assume that the person who performs these installation has good knowledge of how computers work.

a) Install Windows XP(or any other windows version) in the server machine

b) Select and run one of the Sunde terminal clients. Its for downloading the necessary softwares to our server machine as the necessary softwares are hosted in the Sunde terminal clients.

c) Connect the server and client with ethernet cable and set static IP address for both the server and client.

d) Run the internet explorer and type the I.P. address of the sunde client in address bar.

e) You'll find a page from where you can download netpoint setup file and user guide as well. (Also, xRDP for linux is available for download).

f) Install the netpoint setup software in your server machine and it will have netpoint protocol and netpoint management GUI installed in it.

g) Now you'll have to add users and assign the newly created users to "Remote Desktop Users" group. For that, right click in My computer -> Manage and from there, you can add users and assign them to groups from "users and groups" section. I would let you figure out how to do this. Btw, create the users with passwords otherwise you'll have to perform group policy editing to allow logging in of remote users without passwords(to do that, use gpedit.msc)

h) If you want to setup DHCP server in your server, you could do so. Otherwise setting up the static IP would be enough. Now, set the static IPs for all the clients and also set the server IP in all those clients.

Your sunde terminals are now ready to go. If you get messages like "can not connect to server", ensure that server IP in the clients is correct and also make sure the physical things such as NIC, ethernet cable, etc. are working correctly. If you get the login window and can't login with the user, make sure those users are assigned to group "Remote Desktop Users". Also, sometimes you might need to turn firewall off in the server.

I might have missed some stuffs while writing this. If you face any problem, feel free to comment. And I am sorry that I could not provide you any screenshots. Maybe sometimes later when I got the next netpoint deployment(but its unlikely). Also, you can use Linux in the server and in that case, you will have to use xRDP or any other RDP protocol server software for linux.