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Friday 1 June 2012

Installing Podbot MM With Counter Strike Dedicated Server

Podbot MetaMod(MM) is probably the best metamod plugin that adds computer players(bots) in the Counter-Strike. Since number of players were decreasing day by day in hostel, I decided to add Podbot MM so that I could play while no other human is joining in the local dedicated server. This How To will provide step by step explanation on the installation of Podbot MM for dedicated server in linux powered with metamod plugin.

I assume you've already installed the metamod plugin. Get podbot MM from official website. At the time of writing this, the link for latest version was not working, so you can also downlod it from HERE

Once you've downloaded the podbot files, extract it to cstrike/addons/ directory of your hlds installation.

Now, we'll have to add the podbot reference in the metamod's plugins.ini located at cstrike/addons/metamod/ directory of your hlds installation. Add a new line(one of the below) according to your system:

linux addons/podbot/
linux addons/podbot/
win32 addons/podbot/podbot_mm.dll

That should do the job. To verify if the installation worked properly, open the console(by typing ~) and type meta list in-game. You should see podbot MM loaded in that list without any errors(errors like Badf are usually seen).

Now that installation of podbot has gone fine, we'll set the password so that only authorized players can access podbot administration such as adding or kicking bot. Open the podbot.cfg file located at cstrike/addons/podbot directory and search for pb_passwordkey and set the key as below:

pb_passwordkey "pwpodbot"

Few lines below, you will see pb_password field. Put your password in there.

pb_password "mypassword"

You can go through the podbot.cfg file to change various configurations for your bot. You can also edit other files in podbot folder as per your necessity.

Now you'll have to enter the password information in your own PC's cstrike folder(NOT the cstrike folder of HLDS). Edit (or create) autoexec.cfg in the cstrike folder with following lines:

setinfo "pwpodbot" "mypassword"
bind "=" "pb menu"

Now you can use the = (equals to sign) as the bind key to access podbot menu. Soon after playing a while with podbots, you'll come to know about waypoints. You can create or edit waypoints by accessing waypoint menu by typing pb wpmenu in the console.

I hope this helps. Enjoy fragging :D