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Wednesday 2 November 2011

Reversing Android Applications With ARE

A new platform ARE has been developed for making android reverse engineering easy and fast. With many necessary tools packaged in a single tool, ARE is a Virtual Machine for Android Reverse Engineering.

You just need to load the new virtual machine with virtualbox and you are ready for android reverse engineering.

The softwares present in ARE are:
Android sdk/ndk

Both the login username and password for ARE is android

Download ARE

More mirrors:

Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Good luck with android reversing.


Tuesday 1 November 2011

How To Search Strings In Binary Files in Linux

There is this very useful strings command in linux that lets us to search strings inside binary and object files. This is useful for developers in many cases and also for linux binary crackers. Also, end users can study more about executable with this command.

I've used strings command several times for ELF binary cracking and the command helps us gather more information of any given executable. It supports many executables and object formats such as elf32-i386, a.out-i386-linux, pei-i386, elf32-little, elf32-big, elf64-x86-64, pei-x86-64, elf64-l1om, elf64-little, elf64-big, plugin, srec, symbolsrec, verilog, tekhex, binary, ihex, and trad-core.


The command itself is pretty easy to use, the simplest being as below:

strings file_name

Specify the name of object or executable file of supported type and you are good to go. However you might want to customize the way strings command searches the strings in the given file. For example, to search for strings in all the sections of the file(by default, it searches only
the data section), you can use the command as below:

strings -a file_name

There are much more options which you can study by typing strings -h and man strings in the terminal. I hope it helps you.


Friday 19 August 2011

How To Crack Windows 7

This guide is not written by me as I never use windows 7 but one hacker friend of mine found this and sent it to me so I thought why not post for everyone out there to try this stuff to have no need of activating their windows 7.

If anyone knows who was the original author of this little guide, please post in the comment so that I can edit this post to give proper credit to the author.

First you will have to download Windows 7 loader from the link below:

Click install.
After that;

Remove update KB971033

1. Click start and search 'windows update'
2. Hit Installed Updates. If that link isn't there, hit "view update history" and hit the "installed updates" link at the top.
3. Find update KB971033.
4. Right click it and hit 'uninstall'
5. Restart your compy ;p
6. Go into Windows update again
7. Find the update KB971033
8. Right-click and hit 'hide update from installing'

If that didn't work, open a cmd and type:

slmgr.vbs -rearm

Then you never have to activate again:D