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Wednesday 12 September 2012

How To Fix Bootmgr Missing In UNetBootin

Sometimes while working with the LiveUSBs using UNetBootin, you might face the issue that says the Bootmgr is missing and it also says, Press Ctrl + ALT + DELETE TO Restart. This post will help you to fix this particular issue.

First off, format your USB as a FAT32 since it happens commonly because your USB drive is formatted as NTFS and UNetBootin seems to have issues with NTFS filesystems. If formatting to FAT32 also does not work, then try formatting as FAT filesystem.

If you still get boot errors from USB, it is possible that the partition is not marked as active. Assuming you're on windows, you can use the diskpart tool to make the partition active. See the process below:

list disk

The above command will display the disks and their sizes as well. Choose the appropriate disk as below:

select disk 1

Replace the value 1 in above command to select the correct USB drive. Then again list the partitions but usually you can select the partition for USBs as below and then activate it:

select partition 1

The active command will mark the currently selected partition as active. Now reboot and enjoy booting from LiveUSB.