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Thursday 22 December 2011

Very Simple PHP Obfuscator Tool From Techgaun

Hi everybody, I've coded a very small snippet of code that will perform very basic PHP obfuscation so that programmers can protect their code from non-programmers. The obfuscation is by no means the advanced one and easily reversible. Only purpose is to prevent script kiddies and leechers from taking away your source code and distributing those as theirs.

Click here to access the PHP Obfuscator.

I hope it becomes useful sometimes. :)


Tuesday 13 December 2011

GooQuiz v. 0.1 Released : Useful For Googling Challenge

GooQuiz is a small web based tool to use as a networked googling quiz software. This tool was developed for IT Meet 2011 event organized by Kathmandu University Computer Club on Dec 4-5, 2011.

The tool allows any number of users to access the system and participate in the googling quiz. A question is given and its answer has to be given within the allocated time after using the google search engine. The person to answer the question first wins the game.

Visit the SourceForge Page


- Copy all the files in the folder "googling" to your web folder.
- Give proper permission to the ./pages/question.php file to make it writable. (eg. chmod u+x pages/question.php)
- Open MySQL interface of your choice, create a database called googling and then import dump.sql
- Open ./lib/classes/DBConnection.php and then set the correct database server, username and password.
- Finally open ./config/config.php and set the different configurations as per your need.
- Admin panel is located at ./admin/ and if you need to access admin panel from remote computers, set the $localonly = 0.
- Finally, this tool is yet to be completed and requires little bit techie person to handle it. Addition of questions and few other stuffs should be done from MySQL interface.

Coding might be rough since I had to do it in a single night within very minimum time available. And a lot of stuffs are not user-friendly and admin-friendly. Maybe I'll extend it in the next year IT Meet event. Till then, cya. Bye.

And I would like to thank Brisha for quickly designing the layout of the tool.


Wednesday 30 November 2011

Free Emsisoft Anti-Malware Activation and Recharge Card Giveaway

I am giving two giveaways for the visitors of my website and will announce the result in December 10, 2011. Please read the full posts with further details on the giveaways.

Giveaway 1: I'll be providing a one year license key for Emsisoft Anti-Malware which is one of the highest ranked anti-malware tools as of now.

  • Comprehensive PC protection against viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, worms, bots, keyloggers and rootkits.
  • 2 combined scanners for cleaning: Anti-Virus + Anti-Malware
  • 3 guards against new infections: file guard, behavior blocker and surf protection

The first giveaway is available for all the users from all around the world.

Giveaway 2: This giveaway is only for Nepali visitors. I'll give the recharge pins equivalent to Rs. 500 to the winner of the giveaway program.

How To Participate
To participate in the giveaway, you'll have to leave the comment in the comment section below and then like our facebook page.

I'll announce the winners of the giveaway on the 10th of December and will update this page and will make a new post as well. Check the blog on that date and I'll make contact you in your e-mail adddress.


Wednesday 23 November 2011

40K Visitors + Giveaway From Techgaun

Cheers from techgaun for our 40,000+ pageviews, to all of you people for your visit, your comments and suggestion and for bookmarking us. with all your kind support, we have made this far.


To celebrate our 40K+ pageviews, we are having a giveaway. Please read this post for the instructions on how you can participate in the giveaway. Please support us.


Wednesday 9 November 2011

Encoder/Decoder Tool From Techgaun [New Release]

I am glad to release this very small encoder and decoder tool that I coded just now around 10 minutes ago. I hope this tool will be useful for you.

Right now, the tool has the following options.

Base64 Encoding and Decoding
URL Encoding and Decoding
String Reverse
MD5 and SHA1 Hash
HEX Encoding and Decoding
ASCII to Binary and Binary to ASCII

Encoder and Decoder Tool Online


Saturday 4 June 2011

Techgaun on custom domain

Hi everybody, I am glad to announce that techgaun has now moved to the custom domain I hope to post more actively now. Thanks everyone for your visit. :)


Monday 21 March 2011

LTSP deployment visit to Baglung and Myagdi

With the help of HeNN(Help Nepal Network), we've been on our visit to two schools of Baglung and Myagdi. We were the group of three, Arnab Sarkar, Bikash Kharel and me(we all are from Kathmandu University). Our deployment visit has come to an end and we are on our way back to Dhulikhel. The visit was full of fun and gave me new experience of working in team(though the team was extremely small :p). We had lots of fun in both places and received pretty good response from the local people.

Our journey started on March 4 and we took our bus to Bhimgithe-8, Khaala, Baglung. The journey was full of adventures. Thank god, the bus was third class due to which I got a chance to taste the tea without sugar (It was great, btw :D). We didn't sleep for the whole night and our dinner was at around 11 pm at night. The real adventure began when we reached Ridi, one of the more known places from Gulmi. The road was, well, so narrow that only the tires of the bus were on the road and outer parts of the bus were out of the track. A small mistake and our bus would fall down to the river and we were excited and scared at the same time. Moreover, the driver of our bus had not been sleeping for more than 24 hours so we were even more scared. On the next day of our journey, we had to face some problem with traffic police regarding the horn used in the bus.

At around 10:30 we arrived at Khaala, our first destination. We were excited to see such a big mass from such a small village for welcoming us. All the computer materials and accessories were stored in the school's storeroom and we were glad to find all the materials in the good condition after such a "ghandryaang-ghundrung" journey. The furnitures and computer room were not ready yet so we took full rest on our first day. Next day, we started to setup the LTSP clients and the task was completed in around 2 hours. We were helped by the local villagers, teachers and even the principal of the school in setting up the system. After finishing the setup, we started to train the teachers and students. Everyone seemed to be so interested with this new "computer" object and we felt so glad to see such involvement of everybody. On the next day, we again gave training to the teachers as well as students so that they would be familiar with the system. In the late hours, we provided teachers information about how to troubleshoot the general problems they might face with the system. We now had to go to Histan-6, Rima, Myagdi for our next deployment task.

Next day, we headed to Myagdi district for our next deployment at Adarsha Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Rima, Myagdi. We spent our first night in Myagdi in Tatopani. Next day, we took a short warm shower in Tatopani and then quickly headed to Beni to catch the bus for Baisari. In next two hours, we were already in Baisari. Now one of the toughest time of our visit had come and we had to walk uphill for around 3 hours(local villagers require 1.5 hours :P). We were tired and hence decided to pass that night at Aula, 30 min below Rima. Next day, we went to Rima school and soon thought of starting our work. But unfortunately, the electricity transmission line was down and we had to wait for the next day. We faced multiple problems due to electricity and lack of materials in Rima school. Edubuntu didn't seem to like the hard disk and never wanted to install. Btw, it was not actually LTSP deployment but it was a RDP deployment. Not being successful with Edubuntu, we decided to install Windoze XP and again with more hurdles(loadshedding being the major one), we finished all the tasks. We had to stay for 4 days at Rima to finish all the tasks. Finally the system was up and we were very glad to see it working.

We are right now on our way back to Dhulikhel and we've managed a small meeting with Mahabir Pun, the MAN from Myagdi. Both deployments were successful and personally I gained lots of experience and practical knowledge(Running LTSP under virtualbox and deploying a full LTSP terminals are two entirely different things).

*Note: It was written a while ago when I was in Myagdi. I am too lazy to edit :D


Thursday 3 March 2011

My first LTSP deployment visit

I am excited about my first LTSP(Linux Terminal Server Project) deployment visit to Baglung and Myagdi districts of Nepal. I shall not be able to write in the blog for a while because of this. I hope to have fun and make good experience in my first LTSP visit. :)