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Thursday 9 August 2012

Slalom Canoe 2012 Google Doodle Trick

Google has been releasing the doodles with the Olympic themes and the latest one is the Slalom Canoe doodle. If you guys have not been trying these doodles, you are missing the obvious fun. In this post, I'll reveal a very very simple trick to obtain extremely short timing so that you guys can share in fb and boast with your friends :D

Most of the people have been using the HTML inspection and editing to have an awesome statistics in the doodle. The trick is to use the "Inspect Element" feature of the browsers and edit the values of different HTML elements that wrap the scores and stars.

However, many non-techies might have found that method to be cumbersome so here's even more simpler trick. The trick here is to note the system time you start canoeing and once you are near to the end of race, edit your system time to retain the value, for example, only 1 second ahead of system time you had noted while you were starting.

If you don't know how to change system time, windows users can access through the bottom right part of the Desktop where your system time is displayed and linux users should right-click and select preferences in one of the panels containing time.

You can even leave the slalom canoe tab as it is and continue your other tasks and once you feel you are to the end of the race, adjust the system time so that the difference from starting time is minimal (as you need).

The best thing about this trick is its simplicity and clean nature which leaves no trail for finding the cheating (of course, unless you decide to have too low time or negative time).

Note that this is cheating and is discouraged though :D

Original credits to Brisha for this trick.