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Sunday 12 August 2012

Rootbeer - High Performance GPU Computing in JAVA

Good news for JAVA guys that the high performance GPU compiler has been released that aims to bring high performance GPU computing to the Java Programming Language with the minimal effort from the developer.

Rootbeer is more advanced than CUDA or OpenCL Java Language Bindings. With bindings the developer must serialize complex graphs of objects into arrays of primitive types. With Rootbeer this is done automatically. Also with language bindings, the developer must write the GPU kernel in CUDA or OpenCL. With Rootbeer a static analysis of the Java Bytecode is done (using Soot) and CUDA code is automatically generated.

Rootbeer was created using Test Driven Development and testing is essentially important in Rootbeer. Rootbeer is 20k lines of product for and 7k of test code and all tests pass on both Windows and Linux. The Rootbeer test case suite covers every aspect of the Java Programming language except:
1. native methods
2. reflection
3. dynamic method invocation
4. sleeping while inside a monitor.

This means that all of the familar Java code you have been writing can be executed on the GPU.

GitHub of Rootbeer