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Wednesday 28 September 2011

Shutter : Advanced Screenshot Tool For Linux

The default screenshot tool in linux(I'm using ubuntu 10.10) does not have much features as some of you might have desired but there exists yet another tool known as Shutter that has lots of functionalities as a screenshot tool. Shutter is a feature rich screenshot tool available for many flavours of linux distribution.

With shutter, you can take a screenshot of a specific area, window, your whole screen, or even of a website – apply different effects to it, draw on it to highlight points, and then upload to an image hosting site, all within one window. There are numerous plugins written in Perl and bash included within the shutter as plugins and you can give different sexy looks to your screenshot. So for a blogger, writer and screen-sharer, this tool is a must if you are using linux.

To install shutter, either open the software centre according to your distro, search for shutter and install from there. For ubuntu, you can alternatively type the following from your terminal to install shutter:

sudo apt-get install shutter

To open shutter, click on Applications -> Accessories -> Shutter. Then you can use various features of shutter to take screenshots of window, selection, websites and full screen and then edit your screenshot, hide the sensitive areas and apply effects of your choice to the screenshots.

Some sample screenshots of the tool itself:

GUI of shutter:

Screenshot of website:

Screenshot of selection: