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Thursday 29 September 2011

Simple Guide To Recording Counter Strike Game Using HLTV

Half-Life TV offers the ability to have an unlimited number of spectators watching online games. They can follow the game just like they would as a spectator on the game server. Also, it can be used to record the game you are playing. I am going to show how simply you can use HLTV to record your games.

HLTV.exe file is located at the root folder of your CounterStrike installation (eg: c:/Valve/Condition Zero). To record your game, run the hltv.exe file and then you need to connect to the Counter Strike server by issuing the connect IP:PORT. Check the screenshot below:

After the connection is successful, type record filename.dem and the recording will be initialized and in few seconds the actual recording will start as well.

After finishing recording of screenshot, you can type stop in the hltv console to stop and then just type exit to exit HLTV. To watch the demo later, run CounterStrike game and then in console(type ~ to reach console), type viewdemo filename.dem.

I hope this helps. :)


Tuesday 24 May 2011

Remove Warnings & Notices From Psychostats

I was testing the psychostats script today and while testing I found that it displayed lots of warnings and notices that make the script look so bad as the output is totally messed up. This post will help you to fix this problem.

At first, I tried to change the error_reporting and display_errors setting in php.ini file but I could not get rid of those errors. So I then put a line of code as below at the top of index.php file of psychostats. Still no luck. Finally, I navigated to ./includes relative to psychostats root folder where there was a file named class_PS.php. Open this file and type the following line below <php line.


This will suppress all those errors and will make your psychostats look better. I hope this helps.


Tuesday 19 April 2011

Enable Network Play Without Lag/Freezes In Counter Strike [How To]

Recently I had posted about how to have counter strike 1.6 run under linux but today when I was just testing to see how well the network play works, I found that the game freezes after connecting to the CT server. I searched on google and found a perfect solution for it.

I've tested this on the installation of Counter Strike : Condition Zero but should also work in Counter Strike 1.6.

The motd.txt file in the cstrike and czero can not be rendered properly by WINE so the game freezes. To solve this problem, we remove the motd.txt file and then, we create a new read only file with the name motd_temp.html which should be empty and there should be no problem rendering this new file as its just an empty file.

If there already exists the motd_temp.html in those directories, be sure to delete them and create a new empty file. To change the permission to read only, you can use the chmod command as below:

chmod +r-wx motd_temp.html

Now, you can play the counter strike in lan or with any server without any lag or freezes. Happy gaming. :)


Saturday 16 April 2011

Counter Strike 1.6 Under Ubuntu Using WINE [How To]

WINE is a very useful software that helps you run windows applications in linux, BSD and MAC OS. If you have just switched to ubuntu and can't find any interesting games like counterstrike for linux then you don't have to worry. The WINE will help you play the games like counter-strike under your ubuntu linux.

First of all, install WINE and in this tutorial, I assume that you've installed the WINE. Now, change the permission of your counter-strike 1.6 executable's permission by issuing the command chmod +x Counter-Strike1.6.exe

After finishing the installation, the shortcut icons will be created in your desktop and you might need to edit the shortcut for fully working counter strike installation. Otherwise, the game will just freeze in a window. To edit the shortcut, open the Counter-Strike 1.6.desktop file with gedit and replace all the contents with the content below:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Counter-Strike 1.6
Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/samar/.wine" wine hl.exe -game C:\\\\Program\\ Files\\\\Counter-Strike\\ 1.6\\\\cstrike.exe -gl -gldrv Default -w 800 -h 600
Path=/home/samar/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program Files/Counter-Strike 1.6

Also, be sure to edit this file according to your home folder. You'll have to replace samar with your home folder name in the above content.

Now, you are ready to go. The game will play well without any noticiable errors. Have fun. :)


Thursday 17 February 2011

Supertux2 console scripting hacks/tricks

SuperTux is a classic 2D jump and run sidescroller game in a similar style like the original SuperMario games. It is similar to mario with its hero as the Tux, the official mascot of the linux kernel. Well there are few interesting tricks that can be used in the console mode of this game so enjoy this post.

For the cheats to work, you need to enable the console mode either by editing the config file situated at $HOME/.supertux2/ or by running the supertux2 with the --console argument. IInd way is easier.
So we first need to start the program by typing in the Run command[Alt+F2]

supertux2 --console

Now console mode can be toggled by using a specific keyboard input which is ^ by default and can be modified from the options menu. I prefer ` as the console key.

Now while playing the game, we will press the console key and then a new overlapping console will be seen. There we will be typing the commands which will be listed in this post.

There are different kinds of functions that can be enlisted by pressing Tab when console screen is on.

Following are few interesting global functions that can be called by typing as they are below:

play_music(string musicfile) Changes music to musicfile

play_sound(string soundfile) Plays a soundfile

grease() Speeds Tux's horizontal velocity by a factor of 3.

ghost() Makes Tux a ghost, letting him float around and through objects.

invincible() Make Tux invincible for 10000 units of game time.

mortal() Recall Tux's invincibility or ghost status. (Even when not given with above 2 commands)

restart() Reinitialize and respawn Tux at the beginning of the current level.

whereami() Print out Tux's coordinates to the console.

gotoend() Moves Tux horizontally 2 screens away from the end.

camera() Display the current camera's coordinates. (top-left corner)

quit() Exits the game. (Not recommended for use in levels!)

Apart from these global ones, we can access the other objects such as Tux(object of Player class), Camera, etc. In the following list of Player class's function, you can access each of them by typing sector.Tux.function_name(). For example, to call do_cheer(), you would type sector.Tux.do_cheer() in the console.

add_bonus(string bonusname) Gives Tux the specified bonus. Replace bonusname with either of "grow", "fireflower" or "iceflower".

add_coins(int number) Gives Tux number coins.

make_invincible() Makes the player invincible for either a predefined amount of time.

deactivate() Stops the player and blocks the movement controls.

activate() Reactivates the player's movement controls.

walk(float speed) Make Tux walk

set_visible(bool visible) Shows or hides Tux according to the value of visible. Note: Tux doesn't interact with objects or badguys while invisible.

get_visible() Returns: bool; is Tux visible?

kill(bool completely) Hurts a player, if completely=true then the player will be killed even if he had grow or fireflower bonus.

set_ghost_mode(bool enable) Switches ghost mode on/off.
Lets Tux float around and through solid objects.

get_ghost_mode() Returns whether ghost mode is currently enabled

do_cheer() Makes Tux cheer, if possible.

do_duck() Makes Tux duck, if possible.

do_standup() Makes Tux stand up, if possible.

do_backflip() Makes Tux backflip, if possible.

do_jump() Makes Tux jump, if possible.

For more scripting reference, please visit this link.

Happy Supertuxing :-)


Wednesday 15 September 2010

Escape simple game

I found this game when I was searching for something in google. I tried to cross 18 secs but could not achieve that... Anyway, you may want to try it...
Check the game HERE

Have fun...