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Thursday 7 March 2013

E-Paath - A Perfect Computer-based Learning Tool For Your Children

If you are looking for good computer based learning materials for your small children, e-paaath (E-/Online Lesson) is a perfect choice esp. for the Nepali education scenario. I don't know how much has been done to take this software to the reach of the students/children but I think this software can be a very useful interactive learning material for children.

Developed by OLE Nepal in collaboration with the Department of Education (Nepal), this web-based software provides several modules of online lessons for classes 2-6. The software consists of 18-30 lessons organized in a weekly fashion for four subjects: Nepali, English, Mathematics, and Science. The contents for science are available in both English and Nepali languages. However, mathematics is available only in Nepali language.

E-paath is a flash based content and hence requires flash player and can be run through any of the major web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc. Since e-paath is a web based content, you can run it in any platform without any problem (I had to change a little bit of code in karma.html file to run the tool smoothly in Linux but its still fine; having a web server to serve the pages solves all errors though).

You can download e-paath from HERE. For installation help, you can refer to this page. You can also access the software online from HERE. Btw, there is no specifically linux version of tool available in the website (except for Sugar desktop environment) and don't try to mirror the online version of e-paath as flash contents seem to be internally referencing the configuration files. Your best bet is to download either of the two available versions and then delete all the unnecessary stuffs in there. It just runs fine.