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Saturday 3 November 2012

Bypass Slot Reservation In Counter Strike 1.6

So you are crazy about CS but your local servers are always packed and can not enter the servers due to slot reservations for admins? Don't worry, this guide will provide an insight and step by step details on how to bypass slot reservation in Amx Mod X powered servers. I checked the source code of slot reservation plugin (adminslots.sma) from AMXMODX source and found out that the admin slot plugin was executing a brute-force vulnerable randomized command at the client end. See the line of code below:

format(g_cmdLoopback, 15, "amxres%c%c%c%c", random_num('A', 'Z'), random_num('A', 'Z'), random_num('A', 'Z'), random_num('A', 'Z'))

The bruteforce space is quite small, 4 uppercase characters from A-Z i.e. 26 * 26 * 26 * 26 combination is the maximum amount of search required to find the random part of the command. Hence, the command executed at client end is amxresXXXX where {X: X belongs to [A-Z]}. If there are still slots available for normal players or if the connecting user has slot reservation privilege, he will be able to connect to the server otherwise the server will kick the user. We are not going to bruteforce but we are going to use a memory viewer and editor software that is capable of reading the contents in the memory (RAM).

Basically, we hook into the Counter Strike client process from one of the freely available memory editors. We then connect to the server and get dropped due to the slot reservation message. In the meantime, the server sends the partial-random command.. FYI, these memory viewers make use of kernel APIs such as ReadProcessMemory() to read the memory layout of any process. We search for the initial part of the string which is amxres.

Once we find the unique string sent by server to our client, we use the alias command with amxresXXXX as our alias. For your info, alias provides a mechanism to group different commands to achieve something more useful.

The syntax of alias is: alias "alias_name" "cmd1; cmd2; ...; cmdn" And here we've just created an alias "amxresXXXX" which does nothing since the commands list is missing there.

The tool I've used here is ArtMoney available for download at In case, the site goes down, you can get it from here:

Several similar tools exist & are available for free. Some of them are CheatEngine ( and Poke (

Check the video below for more information:


Sunday 24 June 2012

Flash Punisher Plugin For Counter Strike Server [New Release]

Recently I wrote a small AMX Mod X plugin that kills the player who throws flashbangs in counter strike and this post provides the plugin and source code of the plugin for the download.

Why this plugin

Well there are probably few other flash bang punishment plugins already available for download but all I needed was a minimal plugin that would just kill the flashbanger and prevent the effect of the flashbang to other players.

At the first look, the plugin may sound stupid but we play a lot of aa_dima map and few players were continually throwing the flashbangs. There are several maps which are meant to be played by making use of shooting skills that the use of flashbangs. But some people never understand.

I chose to have death as the punishment because that would be the worst punishment any player would expect. And, they will surely be not throwing flashbangs in next rounds.

Download flash_kill.amxx

Or check the Github Repos of Flash Punisher.

Installation is similar to other plugins. Copy the flash_kill.amxx file to cstrike/addons/amxmodx/plugins/ and add a new line "flash_kill.amxx" (without quotes) in the cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini.

tg_flashpunish 0 - prevent the killing of player on throwing flashbang.
tg_flashpunish 1 - the plugin shows its effect i.e. the player dies on throwing flashbang.

I hope this plugin becomes useful to some of you guys. :)


Friday 1 June 2012

Installing Podbot MM With Counter Strike Dedicated Server

Podbot MetaMod(MM) is probably the best metamod plugin that adds computer players(bots) in the Counter-Strike. Since number of players were decreasing day by day in hostel, I decided to add Podbot MM so that I could play while no other human is joining in the local dedicated server. This How To will provide step by step explanation on the installation of Podbot MM for dedicated server in linux powered with metamod plugin.

I assume you've already installed the metamod plugin. Get podbot MM from official website. At the time of writing this, the link for latest version was not working, so you can also downlod it from HERE

Once you've downloaded the podbot files, extract it to cstrike/addons/ directory of your hlds installation.

Now, we'll have to add the podbot reference in the metamod's plugins.ini located at cstrike/addons/metamod/ directory of your hlds installation. Add a new line(one of the below) according to your system:

linux addons/podbot/
linux addons/podbot/
win32 addons/podbot/podbot_mm.dll

That should do the job. To verify if the installation worked properly, open the console(by typing ~) and type meta list in-game. You should see podbot MM loaded in that list without any errors(errors like Badf are usually seen).

Now that installation of podbot has gone fine, we'll set the password so that only authorized players can access podbot administration such as adding or kicking bot. Open the podbot.cfg file located at cstrike/addons/podbot directory and search for pb_passwordkey and set the key as below:

pb_passwordkey "pwpodbot"

Few lines below, you will see pb_password field. Put your password in there.

pb_password "mypassword"

You can go through the podbot.cfg file to change various configurations for your bot. You can also edit other files in podbot folder as per your necessity.

Now you'll have to enter the password information in your own PC's cstrike folder(NOT the cstrike folder of HLDS). Edit (or create) autoexec.cfg in the cstrike folder with following lines:

setinfo "pwpodbot" "mypassword"
bind "=" "pb menu"

Now you can use the = (equals to sign) as the bind key to access podbot menu. Soon after playing a while with podbots, you'll come to know about waypoints. You can create or edit waypoints by accessing waypoint menu by typing pb wpmenu in the console.

I hope this helps. Enjoy fragging :D


Sunday 27 May 2012

How To Supply Password With Connect Command In CS

So here is my scenario. My friend creates a counter strike server that uses the older engine and I play counter strike from 1.6. Unfortunately, the password protected server created by my friend does not appear in my LAN list. I try the connect command in console but I get the message that the password I gave was incorrect. If you guys are having similar scenarios, this post will help you out..

The trick is simple. There is another cvar called password in counter strike. First, we set the password and then use connect command.

Open console(Type ~) and then type:

password serverpass

and then,

connect IP

I hope this helps some of the gamers out there. :)


Useful AMXMODX Plugins For Counter strike Server

If you are setting up some counter strike 1.6 server, you are most likely going to have AMX MOD X plugin(which is a metamod plugin) for your server. AMX MOD X is a very useful plugin not just for the server administration but also for customized gameplay, statistics and fun stuffs. The basic plugins are already there in the AMX MOD X installation but in this post, I'm sharing some of the useful AMX MOD X plugins you can download and put in your server.

Advanced ResetScore
A simple but usefull plugin: players can reset their score and money (controled by a cvar). There's a limit for score reseting and an interval between resets. Players can't reset their score if it's 0 - 0 (already reseted). Admins have a command to reset players score.

Record Demo ClanMod Style
This plugins lets you record the demo and take screenshots of your score. Its an useful plugin to have.

Headshot Only Mode
The name of the plugin is self-explanatory. Pretty useful for practising aim in your server.

Show IP of Players
This plugin enables an admin to find out a player's ip by typing in amx_ip . The ip prints in the console.

This plugin shows player speed when your are moving, jumping, climbing a ladder, or in air. Useful for knowing if you are doing bunnyhop right or not :D

[AIOS] (All In One Slap/Slay)
A fun to use plugin with different features for slapping/slaying the players in-game. AIOS is an all in one slap/slap plugin that will meet ALL of you Slap/Slay needs.

Sniper Control
Useful plugin to limit the number of mags per team. It is useful for the pub servers; kind of punishment for AWP campers :D

Counter Strike Death Match(CSDM) is a useful amxmodx plugin that adds deathmatch style gameplay to Counter-Strike 1.6.

Aimbot Detection
Think someone in your server is using aimbots to make amazing frags? This plugin can help you find such culprits :)

These were few of the plugins that I've been using in my newly created counter strike server and so far, I've been loving them. I am positive that there are more other useful plugins so throw them as a comment over here. Enjoy fragging :)


Friday 11 May 2012

Download For Counter Strike Servers

I was setting up a hlds non-steam server and I was getting an error regarding the absence of this file "" and hence thought of uploading it so that others can download for their own server.

The error you will receive is something like below: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory



Thursday 29 September 2011

Simple Guide To Recording Counter Strike Game Using HLTV

Half-Life TV offers the ability to have an unlimited number of spectators watching online games. They can follow the game just like they would as a spectator on the game server. Also, it can be used to record the game you are playing. I am going to show how simply you can use HLTV to record your games.

HLTV.exe file is located at the root folder of your CounterStrike installation (eg: c:/Valve/Condition Zero). To record your game, run the hltv.exe file and then you need to connect to the Counter Strike server by issuing the connect IP:PORT. Check the screenshot below:

After the connection is successful, type record filename.dem and the recording will be initialized and in few seconds the actual recording will start as well.

After finishing recording of screenshot, you can type stop in the hltv console to stop and then just type exit to exit HLTV. To watch the demo later, run CounterStrike game and then in console(type ~ to reach console), type viewdemo filename.dem.

I hope this helps. :)