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Tuesday 27 September 2011

Qt4 Development Using Monkey Studio

Monkey Studio is a free and open-source crossplatform Qt 4 IDE. It is developed using the Qt library itself, meaning it will run on any platform supported by Qt 4. This allows you to work on the same project on multiple platforms using the same IDE. Monkey Studio uses the Qt Project file (.pro) to manage the project, and there are no extra files created.

With a active forum and wiki, Monkey Studio IDE offers pretty cool features for developing Qt4 Apps. Its noticeable features are:

- Monkey Studio also features * Advanced, customizable code editor, based on QScintilla.
- Syntax highlighting for more than 22 programming languages
- Templates wizard - create files or projects from templates
- Code restyling - quickly fix/update style of your code using AStyle
- Qt Designer integration
- Qt Assistant integration

To install MonkeyStudio in ubuntu, open the terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install monkeystudio

For downloads for other platforms and more information, visit official website.