Sunday 29 April 2012

Torrentz Offers Advanced Search Features[In Case You Didn't Know]

Until recently, I didn't know that my favorite torrent meta-search engine,, offered few advanced search features that makes it easier to spot the file we are searching for. After all, who would ever check the help page to read about a torrent meta-search engine but I would consider myself a noob for not thinking that advanced search are implemented in today's torrent meta-search engines.

Anyway, directly taken from the help page, below are the examples that can be used for making better search in Torrentz while searching for the files.

Mozilla Firefox - search for Mozilla and Firefox anywhere in the title
"Mozilla Firefox" - search exactly for "Mozilla Firefox"
Mozilla | Linux - search for Mozilla or Linux
Mozilla Firefox -beta - search for Mozilla AND Firefox but NOT beta
^Mozilla - search for titles starting with Mozilla
movie* - match movie, movies or any other prefix - This is enabled by default on most queries
filename:Fedora iso - deep search inside torrent for file named Fedora iso
filename:Fedora size:3520802816 - deep search inside torrent for file named Fedora iso with size of 3520802816 bytes
Linux added: 7d - search for Linux added within the last 7 days - you can also use h for hours

I've been finding these advanced searches useful since I discovered them. I hope you will also find them useful. ;)