Sunday 18 December 2011

Copying Files From Remote Server Using SCP In Linux

Hi everybody, sometimes you need to copy files from remote server and only thing you have access to might be SSh. If you can access remote server via SSh, then you can copy files from the remote server using scp(secure file copy). This short tip will help you copy files from remote server using scp.

Scp is remote secure file copy program that makes use of SSh for the data transfer and uses the SSh authentication. The general syntax is as below:

scp -P ssh_port user@server:remote_file_path local_file_path

Following was the command I used to copy a file from remote server to my computer. It will then ask for the password for the corresponding user before you can copy the file.

scp -P 222 netadmin@ /samar/torrent_trackers.txt

Also, there are GUIs for this purpose as well such as WinSCP for windows and Krusader file manager and gftp for linux distros. GUI would make things easier but still I am used to with command lines and I hope you are as well.

I hope this helps. :)

Edit(Dec 19): Paths with whitespaces must be escaped with \ character. An example of this is as below:

samar@Techgaun:~$ scp -P 222 "netadmin@\ Part\ III\ \(2011\)\ DVDRip\ 400MB/" /samar/Moviez/Hostel1.mkv.002