Saturday, 24 December 2011

Hiding Information In Text Files Using Notepad [Windows]

Hi everybody, I had long ago read about hiding information inside text files using notepad and today I suddenly remembered while doing some other task. So I am sharing this little trick of hiding information inside the text file using notepad.

Open command prompt (Run-> Cmd) and then navigate to the directory (using cd command) where you want to save your text file. Now, type the following command:

notepad file.txt:mypassword

Replace filename part and password with yours as shown in the screenshot above and then you will be asked if you wish to create a new file or not(See the screenshot below) and then click on Yes to create the file.

Now enter your secret information in the file and save the file. Close the file and if you need to access the contents later, you will have to use the exact command you used while creating the file. If you or someone else edits your file without giving the password, your original hidden content will not be erased and you can still access the content with your original command.

I hope this trick is new for you. :)