Sunday, 19 February 2012

Delete All X-Chat Logs From Ubuntu

If you want to clear all the channel and personal chat logs from the X-Chat, this is a small piece of information on how to do that. In this example, I am showing how to delete the X-chat log in ubuntu and similar distributions.

Well I connect to IRC channels so often using X-chat gnome client that my chat windows are usually filled up with older chats. Also, for some unknown reason, unchecking Log Conversations checkbox in the Edit - Preferences is not working for me. And I usually hate the old chat logs coming up and of course, due to privacy concerns, I regularly delete the channel logs of X-Chat. All the chat logs in x-chat2 are recorded in the ~/.xchat2/scrollback/ folder with network names as the sub folders. So to delete the logs, all you have to do is use the rm command as below:

rm -rf ~/.xchat2/scrollback/*

This will delete all the chat logs but in case you want to delete logs of specific networks or channel or user, just navigate to the scrollback directory and choose the network you wish to delete and issue the rm command for that network.

*Note: This little FYI guide was written by taking the version I've as the reference. Your version could even have the option for clearing the logs but I'm not aware of any such functionality in my version. I hope this helps :)