Tuesday 14 February 2012

Hacking Step by Step For Beginners [Guest Post]

This article is an excellent step-by-btep tutorial for those who want to be hackers. Don't expect it to teach you step-wise process of hacking a website or an e-mail address. Instead, this tutorial is aimed to help you how you should proceed to really understand the computer systems so that you become a real computer hacker.

"How do you hack"? "I wanna to learn hacking". "How to get started"?
"How can I get the password"? "How do I crack "?

Does this sound like you? who needs to learn how to hack? And nobody
will even speak to you much less send you any info???

Fear not!!! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to become a
hacker. Simply follow the instructions given below, and when you get to
the end you will be a real hacker.

Ok, here are the step-by-step instructions. Follow them exactly and you
will be a real hacker. Once you are comfortable with, you can branch out
into other areas...

[1] Well, if you are a real novice on, it is hard, you wouldn’t be
reading this document now anyways! For starter now get a gud INTERNET

[2] Now, Net runs on Unix base system, I guess there will be no harm
saying that, since >80% server uses Linux! So naturally, you have to do
the same. So download a any Linux distribution (starters Linux Mint
would be really helpful).

[3] Its time for change! and for real! Install Linux in full hard drive!
Its not like I'm the enemy of other OS, its just the human nature to
avoid the change! if its critical Re-partition your hard drive for dual
boot. If you are using Windows don't even bother about it, they are for
lamer anyway.

[4] Get comfortable with Linux environment. Till this point you learn
about major distribution & their philosophies. You try different stuffs!
Change themes, install software! write your own review in blogs, create
fb pages and google groups and post lot [I wonder how many are still
"Ahh! awesome! just can't wait for new release of 12.04" something like

[5] Start learning about a programming language called C. You try to
switch between the different IDE, and some bozo will tell you C is just
back screen! no GUI try something like JAVA which is worthless shit( या हावा)! don't be
fooled by them coz real hacker will never use the worthless shit (हावा) like JAVA.

[6] This is the time where you find your self into the religious cult of
the distro's. Now start learning Black Screen with blinki cursor called
shell. You will realized the importance of that black screen! (I bet you
hated the Blue screen while in the far past you still used windows).
Learn till the point so you don't need to touch Mouse or need GUI.

[7] You grow impatient can't find stuff which you want! And someone tell
you ask in IRC they are very decent folks! and really helpful. You make
fool out of yourself taking with bots or Getting kicked out / banned.
You realize you should read the Rules which eventually make your habit
of reading the man pages of every command even though you don't get it.
Dunn't worry your are 5% of the way out of lamerland!

[8] You find the gcc is not only the C complier but collection of
complies. Its man pages can be turn into 500 pages book. In mean time
branch out to some cool scripting languages like python, Perl. You might
also wanna write your own Linux programs. Read them use them Read them
again, because most of what you read the first time confused you.
Now play with Perl, C, C++ on your system until you can actually
program. Now practice programming for a while until you get at least a
little good at it. Give yourself plenty time to practice.

[9] Its the time when you have the Linux Journal Archive. Now its time
to grab some book called Operating System. Now its time to leave your
बच्चा Linux to something serious. I guess you would have now realize what
you are using was totally for posers. If not you don't think so you have
still some years left.

[10] By this time wikipedia, distro forum, programming forums would have
been your most visited sited, and u realize the groups in the fb are
filled with posers and bozo. You understand the true meaning of hacking
and you stock piled the books and might have also running Apache server!
FTP and samba too.

[11] Install non-childish(non-बच्चा) Linux on your system. Install everything. If your
system boots up properly to Linux, then congrats! Now that you are
running a real OS, read the docs, man pages, how-to's, FAQs, etc. Of
course, you won't understand most of it right away, but read all this
stuff anyway, so you will know where to look later. Read it all? Ok, go
back and read it again. You are 5% of the way to be hacker!

[12] Now configure your system for you have tons of text files to edit,
and you realize the GUI installer is useless after all. But at this
point you might possibly know enough to actually ask a partly
intelligent question on the net. You subscribe tons of mailing list.
Whatever you do, DON'T POST ANYTHING, because nobody wants to read
anything you have to say yet. Just lurk for a year or two. You *might*
now be IRC (as long as nobody remembers you were one who use to talk
with bots).

[13] Now you need to get and read all the RFCs. These contain
information that is vital if you want to hack the net. Again, you didn't
understand everything the first time, so read them
all again. You learn about the Cryptography, File sharing, SSH, SSL,
802.11, lots of stuffs. By this time you would have 100 books regarding!
and long list of your personal notes and reference cards.

[14] Now, you understand the developer mailing list one you subscribed
long time back and few security related mailing lists which you used to
ignore and divert them to trash. You should have enough info to try
some simple hacks, so try some. If they work, great, you are almost a
junior hacker. If they don't work, then do some more reading and try
again. Don't give up, keep at it even if it takes you a few years.

[15] Explore the net. Try things. Look for security holes. Read a lot of
source code. Write some hacking utilities. At this point, you are now a
real junior hacker and start pasting someone’s database in paste bin!

This whole process does take a little bit of time, but it is the
quickest way for an lamer to learn to hack. Some of you lamer don't have
the brain power to complete the above 15 steps, but try anyway...

True, this might take you a few years, but it will be worth the wait. If
you post anything too early, people will know that you are still a lamer
and wanna-be, and everyone will laugh at you and flame you and call you
nasty names, just like when you were on Windows!

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The article was originally contributed by rhoit in the foss-nepal mailing list.