Sunday 22 August 2010

Bypassing torrent connection blocking

In most of the companies, colleges and universities, it is most likely that the system administrators try to employ the torrent traffic blocking in one or another way. This post will discuss about the few ways of bypassing such connection blocking to the torrent sites.

Update: I have also coded a little tool for bypassing the blocking of .torrent files. You can access this service from HERE which allows you to download .torrent file as .txt and later you can rename it as .torrent or just directly open with torrent clients. :)

1) Online torrent services: There exists different online services of different kinds that allow you to bypass the use of the bittorrent client and download the torrent easily using your web browser.


This service allows you to use the java based bittorrent applet to download the torrent. All you need is to provide the torrent metafile and then you will be able to start the torrent download. But this implements the bittorrent protocol and is a bittorrent client, it might be blocked but still its worth trying so that you can bypass some dumb admins.
Visit the site HERE

Torrent Relay:

TorrentRelay is a website that offers a unique Bittorrent client, one that is entirely web based. You can load torrents from a variety of methods, Local Files, Online URL's or even short MiniNova ID's. TorrentRelay is a powerful and extremely fast client that works though any restrictions, complex routing or firewalls by offering your downloads as an HTTP 'Save As'. It can be used to download torrents in any kind of devices that support viewing webpages.
Visit the site HERE

This service is similar to the TorrentRelay service and works similar to the TorrentRelay service. This service costs €10/month.
Click to VISIT the site

2) Torrent to Text:

txtor is a service that offers the possibility of downloading a torrent file that's available publicly on the internet as if it were a text file. Nothing more, nothing less. We don't host or offer any torrents itself. Sometimes, admins disallow the .torrent file from being downloaded and in such case, we can use this service to download the torrent as text file and we can rename it to .torrent for our use.
Click to VISIT the site

3) Torrent 2 Exe: Torrent2Exe is another online service that allows you to bind the torrent file in a downloader and this downloaded can be downloaded by the user and then run to download the file. Read more on it HERE in my previous post.

I will be updating with other ways to bypass connection blocking to the torrent site. Stay tuned.