Saturday 21 August 2010

Some Useful Mozilla Addons For Hackers

Hi there, this time I am going to inform about some of the useful plugins available for mozilla firefox... Mozilla Firefox is a very good browser and it has got tons of plugins that you can use to enhance its capabilities. Among them, I am going to provide you information about some of the useful plugins for web pen-testing and esp. useful for beginners.

User Agent Switcher: This plugin allows us to change user agent and provide fake information to the site. Visit

Firebug: It says "Web Development Evolved" and is a very useful addon for web developers as well. Visit for downloads and more

Greasemonkey: It is used to automate the manipulation of target websites with greasemonkey scripts. A great site for the Greasemonkey scripts is

RefControl: It is an extension used to modify and send different HTTP referrer to the sites... Visit

Hackbar: Useful plugin with various options for hexing, injection, xss, etc...

More plugins that I love will be explained in another post. Stay tuned...