Wednesday 22 September 2010

EmailTrackerPro - Email tracking software for tracking the sender

eMailTrackerPro is the tool that can help you track down the email senders by analyzing the email headers. This tool is a product from the VisualWare Inc. which works in network assessment and connection analysis solutions.

eMailTrackerPro asks for the email header and all the tasks is done by this tool. eMailTrackerPro analyzes the email header to find the route or path of the email. And hence it helps to track down the email sender's IP address which can be very useful for dealing with spam emails.

In order to find the email header, you'll have to open the email in your inbox and there should be some location from where you can view the email header. For instance, Yahoo mail has the option called view full header in Actions tab when you're viewing the email(See the screenshot below).

Now, all you've to do is copy these email headers and let the eMailTrackerPro analyze the headers and provide you the IP address of the originating location.

The software will generate the report in HTML format too.

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Have fun... :)