Tuesday 12 October 2010

Download the Nepali songs from www.nepalicollections.com

This might be a minor hack but for some nepali music fans, it can be a great honeypot. I didn't see any option in the webpages to download the nepali mp3 songs available at www.nepalicollections.com so had to go with the alternative way when I needed to download tapoban maajha song of Jagadish Samal from this site.

For downloading mp3s from this site, you'll need to install the Downloadhelper firefox addon which I've already discussed in this blog.

Now after you downloaded this addon, go to NepaliCollection Music page and select among the artists available in the artists tab. After selecting the artists, you'll reach to the page with all the songs of that artist.

Now you can select the song you want to download and when you click on play selected option, the Downloadhelper icon will start to animate. Now click on that icon and you will be able to save the MP3 that is currently playing. This site has some really old songs too and the songs that you can't find usually. So its worth trying this trick.

Edit*: The site is vulnerable to SQL injection, maybe I might be writing some PHP script to easily give the download link of any MP3 the user wants to download. Needs some research over the vuln in the site, though.

Have fun with this trick. :)